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Jean-Baptiste Monge

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Artist: Jean-Baptiste Monge


Artist: Jean-Baptiste Monge


Artist: Jean-Baptiste Monge


About Jean-Baptiste Monge


JBMONGE is a proud independent award winning Illustrator & Author who's been living from his own One of a Kind Art since 1994, creating a unique vision of the Faery-Fantasy worlds.

"Jean-Baptiste Monge is a chronicler of the fantastic. (...)

It brings joy to my heart to know that Monge’s craft is analog. In a world were everyone has gone digital, he dips brush in paint and smears color on a palette. He makes graphite studies and compositional arrangements with the care of an old master. It is also in this way that he is a gatekeeper to a tradition of great luster." Guillermo Del Toro

Jean-Baptiste Monge (art director), born in France, followed his passion of illustration and taught himself the trade in the early 90s. With the help of his very first publisher in Brittany, it turned into a full-blown career. The universe he develops, as both an author and illustrator, mirrors his soul, echoing the Celtic fairytales and folklore that shaped his youth. He sets himself apart through his unique vision of this invisible world, in much the same way Arthur Rackham and Edmond Dulac enchanted their 19th-century contemporaries.

Jean-Baptiste Monge’s fantasy and fairytale creatures have been enchanting us for over 25 years. His hefty-snouted Goblins, gruff Trolls, and facetious Fairies moved to Canada along with him to make sure their wondrous story would continue. In his studio, Jean-Baptiste works on his personal projects and the proper dissemination of his work along with his partner Margo under their own label Goblin's WAY.

Nowadays, he also divides his time between different animation studios where he puts his talents to good use as a Character Designer and Visual Development Artist. Clients include Sony Pictures Animation, Digital Domain, Quad, Cinesite and Psyop. Game clients include Blizzard Entertainment and Spiders.

Enjoying sharing his experience and knowledge, Jean-Baptiste teaches, gives lectures and offers masterclasses in various festivals around the world.

Name: Jean-Baptiste Monge 
Joined: September 2020

Currently working on my own personal projects of wildlife paintings and faery tale projects.

Location: Canada

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